👋Titan Network Overview

A new incentive system that integrates the world's idle resources

What is Titan Network?

Titan Network is a digital resource network designed to facilitate the matching of community idle resources with global demand, making it easy for everyone to leverage the power of DePIN services and participate in the construction of the Internet of Value.

The Titan Network has developed a universal DePIN service platform for the community to aggregate or deploy hardware resources to provide interchangeable digital resources such as computing, storage, and bandwidth. Its built-in economic incentives and network design ensure that the community is rewarded for the committed resources while end-users receive high-quality results at the reliability level of modern cloud solutions.Additionally, its open source and low barrier for entry enables anyone in the ecosystem to participate in and benefit from the construction of the value internet.

Titan Network’s Story

Titan Network's story begins in the middle of 2021 as the first project to build the retrieval layer and CDN (Content Delivery Network) solution for Filecoin. In early 2022, Titan Network secured a substantial $1 Million grant from Protocol Labs to develop the ecosystem’s tooling infrastructure. As the team achieved its milestones, it recognized an expansive opportunity to leverage idle community resources for a larger purpose beyond the creation of a hot storage layer.Since then, the team has been working on building a comprehensive resource DePIN network, gaining recognition from the Filecoin ecosystem and leading Web3 startup projects like Cyberport in Hong Kong.


We are dedicated to enabling communities to take ownership of their digital assets and in collectively forging the Internet of Value.


We built an ecosystem for crowdsourcing digital resources to accelerate the decentralization of the Internet as a universal public good. By restoring community digital resource ownership through a transparent, open-source and incentivized platform, we enable the de-siloing of products, services, and identities that live in the digital world.


First, we built a DePIN platform for the aggregation of fungible digital resources, like compute, storage and bandwidth. Second, we enable the ecosystem to utilize the full potential of its physical infrastructure and get rewarded for sharing the resources they have. Finally, the ultimate vision is to become the one-stop-shop platform for DePIN services both on the contributor and consumer side.


The Titan Network is committed to building a DePIN platform that goes beyond traditional cloud services. Our vision is to make DePIN better, cheaper, and more accessible beyond traditional cloud services. In this open ecosystem, anyone should be able to contribute to the decentralized pool of digital resources and benefit from its utilization.We will be the masters of our own digital resources, fully tapping into and using these resources to bring maximum value to ourselves and the entire community. Join the Titan Network and together, let's unlock the potential of data and build a digital future that belongs to all of us.

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