🛡️Stake on Titan Chain

Note: This webpage is for testnet testing only and is part of an early access feature. We welcome your feedback on any bugs. The estimated annual yield rates displayed are based on mathematical models and are for reference only. Staking will not result in any loss and does not involve any investment activities.

1. Log in with your Titan wallet

2. Enter Titan Staking Dashboard

3. View validators and choose one to stake

4. Claim rewards

5. Exit


Validator Name

In the future, validator node operators will be allowed to set their own names and avatars. This will allow them to be more easily presented and recognizable to the community, increasing the visibility and brand identity of the node.

Total Staked Amount

Total Staked Amount represents the total amount of TTNT test tokens currently staked on that validator node. This reflects the level of community trust and support that node has received.

Expected Annual Yield

Expected Annual Yield indicates the expected annualized rate of return for staking tokens on this validator node. This data may fluctuate considerably due to the test node phase of the network, which is normal.

Voting Power

Voting power is the ratio of the number of TTNT tokens staked on a particular validator node to the total amount staked across the network. The higher the ratio, the higher the voting power of that node. This ratio determines the influence of that node in community governance voting.

Undounding Period

Undounding Period is a period of time that you need to wait for the release of the stake for network security reasons. During this period, your tokens will be temporarily unavailable for transfer or use to ensure the stability and security of the network.

Staking Processing Fee

Stake Processing Fees are service fees charged by each validator node operator. These fees are used to cover the cost of operating the node and as compensation for the validation services provided by the node operator.

Operation - Stake

By clicking this button, you can stake your tokens on your preferred validator node. This action will involve your tokens in the security maintenance of the network and will give you the opportunity to receive the corresponding revenue.

Operation - Transfer

By clicking this button, you can transfer tokens from Validator Node A to Validator Node B. This action gives you the flexibility to adjust the validation node of the stake to optimize revenue or support a different node operator.

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