👩‍🚀Herschel Testnet

📅Start time: April 22, 2024, 08:00 (UTC)

About Herschel Testnet We named Titan Network’s second testnet “'Herschel,'' in tribute to William Herschel, the astronomer who discovered Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Drawing inspiration from Herschel's pioneering contributions to our cosmic knowledge, we are passionately committed to revolutionizing interactions within digital and decentralized environments, ensuring they are more accessible, secure, and efficient for everyone.

The Herschel testnet will demonstrate a more powerful Titan network, offering enhanced rewards and innovative gameplay.

Our focus with this testnet is to test the limits of decentralized network technology, expand resource utilization for paying customers, and develop more efficient solutions for data storage and processing.

🎯Testing Objectives and Expectations

  • Integration of WASM / JS Container Environment: Integrate the WASM / JS container environment into mobile apps, PCs, and other edge devices to support commercial services for other projects (such as Filecoin Station) and optimize their performance.

  • Optimization of the Titan Network: Optimize the Titan node software, scheduling systems, and anti-cheating mechanisms to improve network efficiency and security.

  • Computational Resource Incentive Measures: Attract high-performance CPU computational resources to join the Titan Network through incentives, and conduct preliminary tests of commercial services leveraging these enhanced capabilities.

  • Testnet Launch and Implementation: Launch the Titan test chain using the Cosmos SDK to execute key operations on the Titan Testnet

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