🛰️About Cassini Testnet

📅 Start Time: June 28, 2024, 08:00 (UTC)

About Cassini Testnet

Our third testnet is named "Cassini" in honor of the Cassini probe. Cassini was the first probe to orbit Saturn and its moons, including Titan, providing a wealth of important data and images about Titan. The name symbolizes our continued pursuit of exploration and discovery and our strong belief in the future development of the Titan network, which will be further enhanced by the Cassini Testnet, bringing more innovative features and incentives.

New Features

In Cassini Testnet, we will present it as an L1 public chain built on Cosmos SDK. Users can exchange their previously earned Titan Points for TOKEN on the Titan Testnet and stake TOKEN on different consensus nodes to earn revenue. Resource nodes can also earn more rewards by providing more services to commercial customers. Cassini Testnet will continue to push the boundaries of decentralized network technology to optimize resource utilization and provide users with more efficient data storage and processing solutions. This testnet is not only a tribute to past achievements, but also a vision of future technological advances.

Objectives and Expectations

  1. Test chain release and operation

The test chain is an L1 public chain built based on Cosmos SDK, adopting DPOS consensus mechanism. It provides visual web pages, allowing holders of the test coin TTNT to stake their tokens on consensus nodes to earn rewards. This test will focus on verifying network performance and stability.

  • Current functions: Does not support the deployment of smart contracts.

  • Future plans: We expect to open a version that supports smart contracts in half a month.

  1. Deploy services based on WASM / JS container environment:

In the Herschel test network, we have realized the integration of WASM/JS container environment into mobile apps, PCs and other edge devices. In this test network, we will provide commecial services for other projects based on these resources and optimize their performance:

  • Tunnel Network - IP Leasing

  • Filecoin - Station

  • and more…

Optimization and New Features

  1. New Node Program

  2. Optimize Incentives

  3. New Wallet Function

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